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    Our offer

      • Hollow fiber membrane manufacturing
      • Development of the spinning systems
      • Development of the spinning recipes
      • Development of the membrane modules
      • Certifications and regulations
      • Niche market
      • Centrifugal potting of R&D modules
      • Customized module design
      • Supply of the module components
      • Potting and gluing technology
      • Potting centrifuges
      • Glue mixing and dispensing systems
      • Membrane testing setups
      • Filtration setups
      • Spinning systems
      • Manufacturing of the instruments and setups
      • Membrane spinning
      • Manufacturing of membrane modules
      • Manufacturing of small product batches
      • Optimization of the manufacturing process
      • Cost reduction
      • Distribution of membrane modules
      • Distribution of membrane analysis instruments
      • Distribution of membrane separation units
      • Distribution of the consumables used in manufacture and characterization of the membranes

    Me-Sep is an authorized distributor of POROMETER

    POROMETER is a German-Belgian company which consists of an international team of experts in the area of porometry, bubble point, mean flow pore size analysis, and liquid permeability characterization.


    Me-Sep is an authorized reseller of CONVERGENCE

    CONVERGENCE INDUSTRY B.V. delivers customized measurement and control systems for liquids and gases. The best components, automation, support, training and exterior design of the equipment.

    Our Mission

    Supporting businesses in technology transfer of membrane production, module manufacturing and construction of the separation systems for gas and liquid mixtures.

    membrane module

    Support for your business

    Me-Sep team offers solutions in the following areas:

    • Capillary/hollow fiber membrane spinning for UF/MF/NF application
    • TFC coating on flat sheet and capillary membranes
    • Development of spinning, casting and coating equipment
    • QC tests
    • Development of filter potting systems
    • Design and construction of filtration units

    For our customers we offer a spectrum of innovative support services:

    • Manufacturing of filters tailored to the individual needs of the costumer
    • Customized equipment for small scale filter production
      • Hollow fiber potting system
    • Contract development
    • Contract manufacturing
    • Consultancy in membrane technology
    • Instruments such as:
      • Capillary/hollow fiber membrane spinning systems
      • Flat sheet casting systems
      • Membrane coating systems
      • Membrane quality control equipment
      • Membrane filtration units
    • Latex nanoparticles

    About us

    Me-Sep is an innovative research and engineering company providing technical and engineering solutions in the field of membrane technology.

    We offer support in technology transfer of flat sheet and hollow fiber membrane production, membrane module manufacturing and construction of the separation systems for gas and liquid mixtures.


    Me-Sep team has over 15 years of experience in the field of membrane technology, both in academic and industrial environment.

    The founder

    Founder of the company – Dr. Eng. Szymon Dutczak after finishing his PhD at the University of Twente, Netherlands, was working for world renowned membrane producing companies on development of various membranes and filters. Nowadays, together with his team of engineers and specialists he offers customized services for membrane manufacturers, research institutions and end-users.

    We provide high-quality raw material such as polymers, fiber bundles, flat sheet membranes, potting components, sealings, adhesives, membrane filters and other technical material necessary in conducting your membrane business.

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    Me-Sep's products

    We are developing customized equipment for your needs

    Rota-Me CR 600 - centrifuge

    Hollow fibre membranes potting into modules using 2k glue
    Siemens Simatic PLC System
    Digital control panel to set temperature, speed and duration
    Three-phase motor
    Stainless steel housing
    Safety features

    Memix - glue dispensing system

    Two component glue dispensing system
    Adjustable dosing time
    Adjustable dosing volume
    Static or dynamic mixing
    Stainless steel
    Minimum maintenance


    Convergence's products distribution

    Me-Sep is an authorized distributor of CONVERGENCE INDUSTRY B.V.