Membrane spinning machines are equipped with the best grade of non-corrosive and light-weight raw materials. The user has the flexibility to handling and operating the membrane production process because of the compact design and ease of operation. The system provides researchers with high-precision spinnerets, gear pumps, inverter control, and other control systems, allowing them to fine-tune the entire process from start to finish, from spinning to winding.

In the offer we have a variety of hollow fiber spinning systems ranging from lab scale to pilot scale to commercial scale, according on the needs of the customer. Depending of the level of machine sophistication we offer different hollow fiber spinning systems including:

  • Laboratory (small scale)
  • Regular (with possibility to control more parameters)
  • High Functional (extended version of regular system)
  • Double-membrane (made for spinning double-membranes)
  • Production (tailored for production scale)

The unique features of the hollow fiber spinning systems are:

  • innovative design and user friendly machine operation
  • highly accuracy
  • reproducible manufacturing process
  • optimized cleaning process
  • easy to work with different dope formulations
  • tailored system components such as spinnerets, gear pumps, inverter control, and other control systems
  • advantage of possible system modifications after consultation with a customer

Click here for detailed specification of hollow fiber spinning systems.